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Hermione is my ideal charge yet from the moment my hand touched the page of harrry potter I was in love with the series reading book after book today is my 3rd anvesery of loving harry potter so be prepeared this is hermiones page

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lets start in their first year hermione is a bookish bossy sort of girl with bussy hair and buck teeth she is nerdy and is verey rule abiding she loves doing revision i love the fact that harry and ron hate it isvery funny that hermione gets married to ron then i thought it would be harry yes i know strange as it sounds i did but i had to acsept romione woul happen so hermione is firey she is in griffendoor but was considerd a ravenclaw she is muggle born and amazing you suck malfoy hermione im gonna ad a small slide show HERMIONE IS AWSOME i had trouble with this slide show some
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pics didnt work ok im mad on pics i know some in for mation is awsome

with a firery temper

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hermione first year